Professional Pet Sitting Diploma (Certified)

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to become a Professional Pet Sitter. It includes information on running your own business as well as essential information on pet care and welfare. This course combines the content of the Pet Business Certificate and the Pet Sitting Certificate.

The Professional Pet Sitting Diploma is a must for anyone wanting to set up their own business as a Professional Pet Sitter.  The course is a comprehensive catalogue of essential information to be a successful pet sitter. The course consists of 2 modules. 

Module 1 consists of 9 chapters covering everything you need to know to set up and run your own business, including information on business planning, insurance, legal aspects, marketing and documentation.  Module 1 can be studied separately by signing up to our Pet Business Certificate course.

Module 2 consists of 10 chapters covering everything you need to know about the realities of being a pet sitter and care and welfare  guidance for a range of pet species, including dogs, cats , small mammals and reptiles. This module also includes a brief introduction to Pet First Aid. Module 2 can be studied separately by signing up to our Pet Sitting Certificate course.

There are multiple choice questions throughout the course to check your knowledge and understanding.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Test Your Knowledge Quiz

What's included?

20 Videos
11 Quizzes
21 PDFs
Emma Warren-Brown BSc. (Hons), Cert Ed
Emma Warren-Brown BSc. (Hons), Cert Ed

About the instructor

Principal of the Animal Academy. Emma started her career as a College Lecturer in 1999, specialising in Animal Science and Welfare.  During her career in the Further Education sector, she took on several senior management roles, including Director of Faculty (Land Based).

Emma is the Owner and Director of Duty of Care Pet Services UK, and is also Training Director for the Hybrid Breeders Association, promoting ethical breeding of dogs. She appeared on Channel 4’s It’s Me Or The Dog as Britain’s leading dog intelligence expert, and also featured on BBC Radio’s The Barking Hour launching the Pet Alert Scheme. Emma operates a Veterinary Ambulance service throughout Surrey, and is a Microchip Implanter.  

Emma has been delivering Pet Courses to pet owners, students and professionals since 2016.  Her passion for promoting animal welfare in education is enhanced in her role as a National Standards Verifier for BTEC Animal Care courses.

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